Welcome to our new website!!

There’s a lot of changes going on at Brim’s these days. We are growing faster than ever and gaining new fans by the day! One of our biggest changes has been our website. 2005 is gone, and 2022 is here!

The Future Is Now Old Man GIF - The Future Is Now Old Man GIFs

The new site now allows us to ship a much larger selection of items to anyone in the US and Canada! So now you can get your fix no matter where you live or what you like. We’ve also been able to incorporate our new yet beloved label, “Circus Time,” to the site.

You will now also able to sign up for newsletter and follow our blog to stay in the loop on all the new things we have going on. “We Want to Hear from You!” Fill out the form here, to let us know what flavors you want to see. You didn’t HEAR it from me, but we’ve got a quite a few new flavors, giveaways and a whole new snack line in development so make sure to sign up today to get all the news!