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About Us

Brim’s Snack Food Story:

In the 70’s, Terry Brimhall was attending Memphis State University and paid for his tuition by selling 4/$1 Moon Pies to grocery stores. During that time his dad, Paul “Papa Brim” Brimhall, left his position as a route supervisor for Wonder Potato chips and went to work for Jack’s Cookie Company. Over dinner one night, Papa told Terry about a pork rind salesman he met in Arkansas and how much he sold his snacks for. Terry did the math and realized that he could make more money selling pork rinds, and so he started selling those as well.

In 1982, Terry and his wife, Becki, realized they could make as good, if not better, quality pork rinds than were currently available. With help from one of their suppliers they bought a fryer and rented an old smoke house on Hwy70 just outside Memphis. Since then, they have grown and expanded Brim’s to offer potato chips, cheese puffs, popcorn, tortilla chips, churro twist, meat sticks, and more. Our family’s continued dedication to quality and fair value for the consumer, has led to consistent growth and a passionate fan base that loves our product and brand. We couldn’t be more grateful for them.

Currently, we operate in a 154,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Bartlett Industrial Park, Memphis, TN, and in a second 19,000 square foot facility in Spartanburg, SC. Brim’s products are sold throughout the Eastern United States primarily through DSD distributors. Additionally, Brimhall Foods has produced private label snack products for a variety of large grocery wholesalers and distributors. Brimhall Foods is an equal opportunity employer and takes pride in its friendly workplace and cooperative work environment.