Brim Snacks

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Brim’s Snack Food Story

Brimhall Foods began as a one truck DSD Distributor in 1979. As demand increased, a Pork Rind manufacturing operation was opened in June of 1982. Currently we operate in a 77,000 square foot manufacturing facility on 5 acres in the Bartlett Industrial Park with access to Interstate 40 less than 1-1/2 miles away. We now produce Pork Rinds, Cracklins, Cheese Puffs, Cheese Curls, Hot Cheese Curls, Hot and Bacon Cheddar Fries, Butter, Cheese, Hot and White Cheddar Popcorn, and Butter and Cheese Hulless Corn Pops.

We distribute Potato Chips, Tortilla Chips, and other quality snack food items; all in the BRIM'S label. Brim’s branded products are sold throughout the southeast primarily through DSD Distributors. Additionally, Brimhall Foods has produced private label snack products for a variety of large grocery wholesalers and distributors. Brimhall Foods is an equal opportunity employer and takes pride in its friendly work place and cooperative work environment.

Employee turnover is well below industry averages. Product quality combined with excellent service to a loyal customer base has caused Brimhall Foods to become one of the leading producers of Pork Rinds & Cracklins in the United States.